Inner Summer EP

by Rabbit Rabbit

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Inner Summer is the new hit single from Rabbit Rabbit. It opens with the title track, a thumping, glam ballad that grooves you into a spooky hollow. The bass line churns and dreamy guitar riffs are mobilized by blasting drums, then further embodied by the shrieking harmonies and pointy deliverance. Closing with a cathartic release in the spilling incantation: "Bats, bats come this way. Come this way, bats. Come this way."
Up follows 'Man', a carnival creep, methodical plea that winds through unusual pauses.
Side two of the tape or song three extends to you an inviting expression. In a cyclical scaling of chaotic proposals, your drawn to your toes. Like having someone hold you by two fingers in your nostrils you want to dance, bad to 'DANCE'. Theres some sexy, crooning feeling that had a 'hold you round your waist' vibe and gets tighter making you want to snake out.
There is no effort to tuck you in with the finale 'Manda'. She is an attempt at pop construction made by creatures from a dark planet. Something strange happens when you align the flow of the bass with jupiter and the timing of the guitar with pluto. The lyrics and vocal melodies are fully based in modern concept however objet trouve processing leads them a foreign meadow where disaster is trusted and negative propositions are considered gravid with sensuality.
We leave you happy, nips up, bones shaken, with double shivers. I'd say at very least, you should listen. If the tick isn't cured I suggest you come see us live.
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released October 10, 2012

Rabbit Rabbit as:
Louise Chicoine (vocals, 2nd guitar)
Jason Lavoie (lead guitar)
Jeremy Dubs (drums, back up vocals)
Rebecca Macomber (bass)

Inner Summer was recorded at Autunm Den, By Mike Stitsinger in Northampton MA.
Mastered by Mark Allan Miller



all rights reserved


Rabbit Rabbit Northampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Inner Summer
Say it and we say it. Say it, say it.

Tricky, tricky tongues come in the absence of worthwhile instrumentation.

Say it and we say it. Say it, say it.

Inner summer Inner summer

So you think you want to make up for your missed interpretations? Give me some of some summer that comes from within. Could you use a chance to cool down after heavy contemplation? Stop. Release the heat of inner seasons.

Bats Bats come this way.
Come this way bats, come this way.

Every bat needs a place, a place to call his home.
Every bat needs some alone time to be alone.
Track Name: MAN
Yeah, sure it's been nullified.
What a pretty little thing to split open wide.
Man, you've got to see it from the inside out.
If you really want to know what it's all about.
No, no, can't just let it grow.
Got to break it down,
then watch it grow back.
No, no, can't just let it die got to
hook it up
watch it stay alive
a little longer
Man, you've got to feel it from the inside out.
If you really want to know what it's all about.
Track Name: DANCE
I can't dance no funky dance, no funk dance like them cool middle school kids do.
I cant dance no crazy dance, no crazy dance like them druggy kids do, after school on fridays.
I can't dance no sexy dance, no sex dance like them middle school girls do, in their tube tops.
I can't dance no ghetto dance, no head spin, head stall, crazy dance those kids do after school,
in the parking lots.
I can't dance.
I can't dance.
I can't dance no funk dance, I can't dance no crazy dance.
I can't dance no sex dance.
I can only dance one dance.
I can only dance my dance.


I can't dance.
I can't dance.
I can't dance no funk dance.
I can't dance no crazy dance.
I can't dance no sexy dance!
I can only dance one DANCE. I can only dance my DANCE.
Track Name: Manda

Saturday night we're gonna make out, girl. Make out girl!
Next Saturday night, we're gonna make out girl. Make out girl.

Saturday night we're gonna get in my hot rod.
Saturday night we're gonna go real fast now.
Saturday night we're gonna rock out
black out now

Wouldn't it be lovely
if we could take a walk through the park
holding hands

It's saturday night. It's a well known fact by now that we're gonna make out now. So let's just make out now. Let's just make out now.